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Remember in 2009 & 10, when we were so close?  I miss you.I miss how close we were. All I want to do is show you everything can be fine, but you can’t break from your misery. You need your misery.  Even if you don’t realize it. You need it to feel alive. I’ve tried SO HARD to make you positive, to bring positivity to your life, to help you understand that everything can be fine & there is a light at the end of the tunnel regardless of how hopeless you feel. But i can only do so much.

I’m grateful for EVERYTHING you’ve given me. You gave me my happiness back.  That alone is enough bring me to tears. Words can’t express my gratitude. You have been there for me through so much & supported me & i love you to death for that. I know that you’re a wonderful person & I support you in your decisions.

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